****** Prices of Ergohuman and Enjoy mesh chairs are to be increased by 10% from 1st February 2017. Order your chair now to avoid this increase.

Beat the projected 2017 projected price increases- we are offering further discounts on the purchase of 2 or more of any of the chairs we supply. Please e-mail workplaceoffice@aol.com or telephone 01224 639325 for further details.

In addition - the perfect chair for control rooms or operations centres has just been reduced in price - the KAB K4 Premium office chair (a controller style chair with seat slide.)

Backcare Office chairs and ergonomic solutions
We have many years experience supplying backcare office chairs to businesses as well as private individuals throughout the UK and Europe

Our suppliers of backcare office chairs have been carefully selected as companies who place backcare at the top of their priorities when manufacturing office chairs

The products shown below are examples of the backcare office chairs available. Inside you will find a huge selection of backcare chairs to suit your budget most of which can be purchased on-line via our secure servers

In addition, Backcare office chairs have a wealth of experience in all things ergonomic in the workplace. Monitor arms for your computer screen and sit/stand electric height adjustable desks both of which, along with the chair best suited to you, can lead to better posture which in turn helps reduce unwelcome aches and pains.