Hood Mesh Seating- model i29

Designed for style and superior comfort i29 is a revolution in Ergonomic seating. With multi-patented features, including the lumbar and pelvic support system and intuitive controls, it is simple for any user to quickly adjust and sit comfortably, correctly supported with dynamic movement from the moment they sit in the chair. As well as being packed full of features the chair offers a range of frame finish options such as white, black, grey and even gold if you are feeling bold, allowing you to customise the chair uniquely to you. A range of six different styles of mesh, leather and fabric, in many colours can really make your i29 unique.

The i29 boasts one of the most intuitive mechanisms on the market to operate. Three simple, pictorial controls on the right-hand side of the chair to adjust seat height (49 -57cm from floor), seat depth (45-50cm) and dynamic movement or can be locked off in many locations. The mechanism works similarly to a knee tilt mechanism with the first articulation at the underside of the thighs and the second point under your sitting bones (ischial tuberosities) which gives consistent support in active mode and reduces the pressure on the underside of the user’s thighs. Extendable direct tension control, on the right-hand side, controls the resistance of the chair back from eight stone to twenty-three and a half.

Our fully patented floating lumbar support automatically moves with the user when in dynamic mode, this gives superior lumbar support and supports forward rotation of the pelvic area. This can easily be adjusted for each user with two buttons on the back of the chair. The chair has two style options for headrests. A large, fixed angle headrest for executive chairs and 24/7 areas and a medium size headrest that offers height and angle adjustment. Armrests are connected from the rear of the chair, allowing users to get closer to the workstation. There are three options: basic 3D, elegant 3D and 4D locking multifunctional arms. All arms can be removed from the chair without effecting the design of the chair or leaving hazardous protruding parts.


• Headrest with height and angle adjustment
• Pressure sensitive seat foam
• Upper chair back designed for increased thoracic support (122 – 130cm from floor)
• Aluminium back rest
• Floating lumbar and pelvic support for the lower back
• Simple three lever pictorial controls on right-hand side
• Extendable direct tension control on the right-hand side
• Black mechanism
• Dual pivot mechanism for comfort
• Rounded waterfall seat front
• Multifunctional arm rests with soft touch pads (can be removed)
• Aluminium five-star base as standard
• Optional fitted coat hanger
• Black frame finish
• 10-year full parts warranty
• Free delivery to UK mainland addresses

Model i29-801 black mesh seat and back £550.00 + vat
Model i29-801B black mesh back and black fabric seat £570.00 + vat

Discounts may be available so please contact us for further details and prices