Senator Torasen Orthopaedica office chair

Orthopaedica main image

Orthopaedica is a comprehensive range of ergonomically responsive task seating designed to meet the challenging conditions found in today’s commercial environment. Boasting an impressive list of possibilities, Orthopaedica provides the user with the ultimate level of postural support. Sculptured seat and back cushions make it an ideal choice for those with back problems.

Robust, practical and built for comfort, the Orthopaedica seating collection is designed to offer maximum support in the most demanding work situations. Orthopaedica assists in reducing back discomfort and enhances well-being to enable the user to work and perform to their best ability. Clearly labelled and easily accessible controls allow the chairs to be adjusted if required and used by different people, without impairing their effectiveness.

Ergonomists and many health care professionals agree that sitting immobile at work stations for hours on end can lead to poor posture and back health. To promote good ergonomic working positions, Orthopaedica offers a seat board using AirTech technology. The AirTech system delivers a body responsive contoured seat that offers a dynamic seating position to adapt and mould to your every movement.

AirTech seat technology allows the lower back to be supported and at the same time stimulate muscles as you move gently in your working environment. The air seat moves as you move and supports you through the working day, helping maintain an optimum sitting position. A simple push of the button allows air to flow through the two way valve, this enables the seat to adjust to the fit of your natural shape and deliver a unique, tailor made seat, just for you.

Buy the Orthopaedica OC97HA with height adjustable arms below at £251 + vat (A delivery charge of £25 + vat added at check-out)


Buy the Orthopaedica OC97FDA (fold down arms) on-line £268 + vat (Delivery charge of £20 + vat added at check-out)


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